UAV Services

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, represent a cost effective, highly mobile alternative to conventional air photo acquisition. Our drones are all rotary wing aircraft, capable of 15 to 30 minute flights, best used on small to medium scale projects requiring precision imagery. On larger scale projects, we mount our sensors on conventional aircrafts to provide lower resolution imagery over a larger area.

The sensors we can carry on these large airframes include conventional RGB cameras (24 and 36 megapixel), video camera (30 or 60 fps), and a FIRR VuePro R thermal camera capable of distinguishing temperature differences of less than one degree between pixels. The resolution for our RGB equipment is typically very high at 1 to 3cm pixels but this will depend on the altitude we fly at.

High Resolution RGB

High Resolution Video

Thermal Imagery


Much of the value in hiring experienced UAV professionals comes from their ability to post-process the imagery. We use the latest software for advanced processing and have developed a number of cutting edge algorithms to extract vegetation and terrain data critical to making effective resource management decisions. Some examples of the kinds of processing we can use to meet your project needs include:

  • 3D point clouds
  • 3D models
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Orthorectified image mosaics
  • Stereo Models
    • Anaglyph
    • Softcopy Models (3D Vision)
  • Digital elevation models
    • Digital Terrain Models
    • Digital Surface Models
  • Contours
  • Heat mapping
  • Tree stem mapping
  • Canopy height models (CHM)
  • Semi-automated stem and stand analysis
    • Species
    • Height
    • Diameter
    • Volume
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Watershed analysis
  • High Definition Video

Products and Services

Which drone, sensor, and processing combination is right for you will depend on your application and how you intend on using the information. We spend time at the front end of any project to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ needs so we can offer the right solution, at lowest cost.   Example applications include:

  • Timber Development
    • Timber species, volumes, and stocking
    • Watercourse identification
    • Roadeng ready 3D point clouds
  • Silviculture Surveys
    • Stocking density, species, heights, espacement, and forest health condition
  • Habitat Surveys
    • Vegetation classification, heights,  and percent cover
    • Water surface area
    • Distance data
  • Terrain Surveys
    • Terrain models and contours
    • Slope and aspect classes
    • Terrain profiles
  • Change Monitoring
    • Vegetation state and land status before and after treatments or disturbances
  • Research Plot Data
    • Periodic measurement of stand structure, species, percent cover
  • Forest Fuel and Logging Residue Surveys
    • Slash volume assessments
    • Standing dead volume estimations
  • Soil Disturbance Assessments
    • Disturbance mapping
    • Disturbance percent

  • Fire Hot Spot Detection
    • Georeferenced ortho map with reference points and hot spot locations
  • Volume Measurements
    • Structure volumes
    • Log pile volumes
    • Aggregate pit and pile volumes
  • Building and Industrial Site Inspections
    • Site maps
    • Flow diagrams
    • Heat loss maps
  • Watershed Analysis
    • Watershed boundaries
    • Flow analysis
    • Water level rise analysis
  • Stream Morphology
    • Stream cross sections and grades
  • Rangeland Inventory
    • Vegetation cover and health
    • Infrastructure inventory
  • Cropland Assessments
    • NVDI assessments
  • Mineralogical Assessments
    •  Alteration mineral identification
    • Terrain models and contours
    • Volume analysis

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