Resource Management Services

With over 35 years of experience in the natural resource sector LM Forest Resource Solutions Ltd. offers a wide variety of services to meet our clients needs. Our approach is one of collaboration and innovation and we strive to add value to any project, no matter the scale.


Forest Inventory

Natural resource data is fundamental to effective stewardship and information needs can span a broad range of resources including vegetation, water, terrain, visual landscape, archaeological, and recreation resources. Resource inventory services we provide include:

  • Change monitoring
  • Vegetation resources inventory
  • Soil surveys and soil disturbance surveys
  • Fuel loading and waste assessments
  • Permanent sample plot/research plot establishment and measurement
  • Ecosystem assessments
  • Timber cruising
  • Habitat assessments


Forest licensees require reliable information collected in a timely manner after an area is harvested. Some of the silviculture services we provide include:

  • Conventional regeneration and free growing surveys
  • UAV-based silviculture surveys (see the UAV Services page)
  • Stand density/thinning assessments
  • Forest health surveys
  • SDM and YSM assessments
  • Planting supervision/checking
  • Silviculture project implementation and management



Timber Development

The planning and layout phases of timber development can make a big difference on your bottom line. We offer carefully considered planning, data collection, layout, and prescription development and mapping services including:

  • Site plans (pre-harvest silviculture prescriptions) and maps
  • Cruising
  • Danger tree assessments
  • Total chance planning
  • Road Design in Roadeng V6.0
  • Block and road layout
  • Logging plans and maps
  • Appraisal analysis
  • Cutting permit applications
  • Forest Stewardship Plans

GIS Mapping and Analysis

Utilizing a full range of GIS and data analysis software LM Forest Resource Solutions Ltd. is able to assist you with organizing, querying, and displaying your data. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Database development and management
  • Data conversion
  • Python scripts
  • Conventional vector and raster data analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Analysis of LiDAR and other point cloud data
  • Landuse and other theme maps
  • Georeferenced maps suitable for use on your desktop, tablet, or smart phone applications

Fire Management Planning

In the last two decades there has been a trend to increased frequency and magnitude of wildfires, putting resource values and human infrastructure at risk. With our background in fire suppression, fire management planning, and prescribed burning, we can offer a range of services to help mitigate these risks including:

  • Strategic and tactical fire management planning
  • Prescribed burn plans
  • Community wildfire protection plans
  • Help ensuring your structures are fire smart
  • Transmission line and pipeline fuel management
  • Fire mop up
  • Analysis of fuel loading at the landscape and block level
  • Fire behaviour research

Resource Planning

The day to day grind of operations can sometimes take precedence over more strategic thinking and higher level planning but, at LM Forest Resource Solutions, we believe that operational activities are most effective when implemented in the context of integrated, sustainable resource management planning:

  • Facilitative leadership with multi-stakeholder planning teams
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Sustainable forest management plans
  • Ecosystem-based management plans
  • Timber harvesting and silviculture strategies
  • Ecosystem restoration strategic planning
  • Multi-block stocking standards
  • Woodlot management plans
  • Community forest plans
  • Analysis of the achievement of higher level plan objectives
  • Socio-economic impact assessments

Natural Resource Audits

Whether you are undertaking an audit, or preparing for an external or internal audit, it pays to have experienced audit professionals as part of your team. At LM Forest Resource Solutions Ltd., we have many years of experience helping protect our clients including:

  • Forest Practices Board compliance audits
  • Environmental management system audits
  • Sustainable forest management conformance audits
  • Soil disturbance audits
  • Operational compliance and gap analysis
  • Program effectiveness audits
  • Internal technical assessments

Carbon Verification and Analysis

With increased global focus on carbon footprint reduction, there is increasing pressure to understand the magnitude and nature of green house gas production. We have undertaken carbon verification and related work under a number of standards including B.C.’s Forest Carbon Offset standard, the Voluntary Carbon Standard, and the Carbon Fix/Gold Standard. Some examples include:

  • Carbon modeling using the Canadian Forest Service CFS/CBM model
  • Development of a carbon calculator associated with the use of round wood and secondary wood products (
  • Evaluation of the BC Forest Carbon Offset Protocol
  • Carbon Verification in Canada and Kenya

Research and Extension

Appropriate decisions and effective policy development are often contingent on having the right information. If this involves primary research or simply summarizing existing information and extending it through training to operations staff, we can help.

  • Power analysis and sample design
  • Data analysis
  • Growth and yield measurements and analysis
  • Silviculture trials and related research
  • Literature review
  • Training courses
  • Workshop and seminar design, coordination, and delivery

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